Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hi Everyone! I'm sorry I don't have video yet, but I know it is not difficult, so I will have it soon!

The other day my brother's friend Jimmy was over. We call him James. We were playing capture the bacon. Do you know this game? You should! It's so Fun! But, I digest. We were playing and Jimmy suddenly exclaimed "Commenting, commenting, commenting!" Like that. Three times. He always does things like that. It's hilarious. So, I asked Jimmy,"Do you mean, Jimmy, are you implying, Jimmy, that commenting has become at its heart a sometimes meaningless and hollow gesture full only of the ego of the commenter him or herself in a not-so-veiled attempt at steering attention to themselves with the goal of obtaining an equal or greater number of comments on their own weblog? A sort of cynical and cyclical quid pro quo, Jimmy?!"

Jimmy thought about it for a second. Maybe longer.

"No!" exclaimed Jimmy. Then we laughed and laughed. Jimmy has the best laugh ever. You would love it. I love it!

"No!" he exclaimed, "I'm retarded!"

Then we laughed some more. Which was great.

But he is. Retarded, I mean. Three different doctors say so. It's sad. But, now it was my turn to exclaim. "That's a ridiculous theory! Why can't you be like this Meisner? He is quite clever!"

And as you could imagine, because you too are probably quite clever, more laughing occurred!

But then Jimmy must not like being reminded of his lack of cleverness because right away we went back to the bacon and I was glad that that was not Jimmy's Theory!